Our Impact Then and Now

Richard Lewis

National Programs and Government Involvement State Chairmen

In 1954 Jaycees from many nations provided medical relief to the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees fleeing North Viet Nam. This became one of our first big international projects; it was known as operation brotherhood and brought international attention to the US Jaycees and our international organization JCI around the globe. When I think of the line in our creed “The Brotherhood of man transcends the Sovereignty of Nations” It makes me think back about the Jaycee organization over the years and our acceptances of each other and our commitment to help heal the world and make it a better place. In 2008 we found that as members we can fight and save lives and stopped malaria and so we took to it and got involved with the United Nations program Nothing But Nets. In 2010, Jaycee members raised more than USD $500,000, which doubles campaign donations from the previous two years. This impact has led to the purchase and distribution of more than 50,000 life-saving bed nets in Africa. Our goal this year in the state is $3,000 that translates to 300 lives we can impact. As members you can help by Send a message to all your friends through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever social media network you use to get the word out about the dangers of malaria. Let them know how they can contribute a net through our state nothing but nets fundraising site or your chapter nothing but nets site, and encourage them to get the word out to all their friends. More information about the Illinois Jaycees involvement with this national program can be found at http://www.globalproblemsglobalsolutions.org/goto/2011iljaycees and if you have any questions or comments about my article feel free to email me at Richard.Lewis@iljaycees.org.