Remember To Vote

March 10, 2011    JCI

I was reading a section of a Book called Young Men Can Change The World the other day and wanted to share it with you. It told the story of group Jaycee members out in California who were so passionate with some the legislation being passed in their community that they put together a committee to find someone from their community to run for Representative. After months of searching they found a young Jaycee member who was a lawyer and encouraged him to run, with their support and determination not to lose he went on to win and get elected. At the age of 34 he was recognized by the US Junior Chamber as a Ten Outstanding American. Then just three years later in 1950 he was elected Senator from California and in 1953 he went on to become our nations 36th Vice President and a few year later our nation’s 37th President. This man was Richard M. Nixon and for his efforts and involvement with the Jaycees movement over the years was he was recognized as JCI Senator # 72. Remember to vote on Tuesday April 5th. A list of local voting polls can be founded at