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T-SQL Tuesday 050: Automation, Get Work Done While Sleeping

T-SQL Tusday

It’s been a while since I’ve written a #tsql2sday post, but thought that this month’s topic was worthy of me hoping into the pool with the #sqlfamily. This month the subject is “Automation”. chosen by Hemanth D. (Blog | @SqlChow). If you want to read the opening post, please click the image above. I’m lover of software automation and been a fan since writing my first macro in Excel when I was in high school. I loved anything that makes it easier for you to get more done with less. Back in the 2000’s I got introduced to SQL 2000 and DTS and it changed my world. My first package I created was awesome and so exciting it took data from database and put it into another one and then truncated the table, once I scheduled it to run I was able to not worry about handling that task anymore and sleep peacefully. Since then I’ve found my passion and made a living improving businesses through process improvement using automation.

T-SQL Tuesday 025 - My Favorite Little Trick

T-SQL Tusday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is from Allen White. He posed the question of what is my favorite little SQL trick. I can’t wait to see what tips the #SQLFamily write about. I discovered one of my favorite tricks last year, just a little background my first SQL version I started out administrating and developing on 8 years ago was SQL 2000 back then to get table statistics was no easy task. These days you just need to right-click on the database and go the reports to get much of the information you’ll need about a database. I started using SQL 2008 last year so when I when wrote a blog post about this little trick I came across online on how to quickly pull the table size information it had been one of my favorite tricks then. Since I’m still dealing with data in SQL 2000 server production environment still this trick still comes in handy. Thanks to the posting by Mitchel Sellers on How to Determine Table Size it’s become quick and easy to get the information I need about my databases.