SQL Saturday 31 Wrapup

In Wes Dumey building a data warehouse session

Earlier this month i attended my first SQL meetup called SQL Saturday #31 i’m not sure why it’s numbered  31 cause i realized they don’t go in order. But yeah so it was hosted in Elk Grove so it wasn’t to far away. I knew it was going to be a awesome day when i met this guy in the registration line who reads my site and learned a couple SQL tricks from it. How sweet is that right? So SQL Saturday is put on by the Professional Association for SQL Server and ran by volunteers.

In the sql index session It’s a combination of SQL Trainings, Forums, and networking events crammed into a 8 hour day. Plus I won an Xbox 360 Elite from Microsoft wooo and a copy of sql server 2008 admin pocket guide. Below are the cool sessions  i attended but just there only ones. It was just the ones i was interested in. I look forward to getting out to more of the meetups this year.

  1. Building a Data Warehouse using SQL Server 2008
  2. PowerShell for Data Professionals
  3. Oh Cluster, My Cluster!
  4. How and When to Use Indexed Views
  5. Delivering Rapid Business Value with Microsoft BI
  6. Reporting Services 2008 Unleashed

[Won sql server 2008 admin pocket guide