T-SQL Tuesday

T-SQL Tuesday 050: Automation, Get Work Done While Sleeping

Richard Lewis
It’s been a while since I’ve written a #tsql2sday post, but thought that this month’s topic was worthy of me hoping into the pool with the #sqlfamily. This month the subject is “Automation”. chosen by Hemanth D. (Blog | @SqlChow). If you want to read the opening post, please click the image above. I’m lover of software automation and been a fan since writing my first macro in Excel when I was in high school.

T-SQL Tuesday 025 - My Favorite Little Trick

Richard Lewis
This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is from Allen White. He posed the question of what is my favorite little SQL trick. I can’t wait to see what tips the #SQLFamily write about. I discovered one of my favorite tricks last year, just a little background my first SQL version I started out administrating and developing on 8 years ago was SQL 2000 back then to get table statistics was no easy task.

T-SQL Tuesday 13: Interacting With The Business

Richard Lewis
I come from a different world in my company, I’m not IT though I have formal training, I speak the lingo, and wear the uniform of Jeans, t-shirt, glasses and ton’s of geekieness in my swagger. I’m what they call Business Intelligence or better known as Shadow IT. Though i’m up front about what we do and the impact it has. In my company I’m the middle person between what the business thinks it wants and what it really needs long term.