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Ubiquiti Unifi Setup Iteration Four

Richard Lewis
Recap This is a continuation of my 2020 network overhaul. You can read the details about how this project started at this link. I ended the updates to my home network in 2020 in a good place and by that I mean everything was running smoothly with the full network being managed by software. There were no issues but lot’s of opportunities for improvement. So that left me thinking my 2021 improvements would be focused on reducing dependencies on 3rd party cloud services such as Ring and Google Nest cameras.

My 2020 Ubiquiti Unifi Setup

Richard Lewis
I’ve been using Ubiquiti products since late 2018 to improve the wireless experience of my wife in our townhouse. I came across the product line while trying to solve the problem of getting decent wire coverage across a 2500 Sq foot two-story townhouse. I tried mesh network products from Netgear, Google, and some other companies always with the same problem repeaters would fail, the handoff between access points was awful, and most importantly the quality of service was crap leaving my wife frustrated.