Thoughts On Azure Cache For Redis

Richard Lewis
Recently I took some time to revisit Azure Cache for Redis I got first introduced to the service in 2018 and a lot has changed since then. I won’t go into detail about Redis and what it is or What is caching. But instead, I want to share my thoughts on using it on the Azure platform. A particular use benefit of using Azure Cache for Redis instead of the self-hosting version for data cache needs is it will allow a business to bring the frequently called data to the cloud so that the data can be called faster with higher availability.

Terrafy Knowledge Share

Richard Lewis
A little disclaimer here, these are notes from a demo on 4-28-22 sorry if this doesn’t make sense later. Overview: Azure Terrafy is a new tool currently in preview as of April 27th from Microsoft designed to help you export Azure Resources listed within the AzureRM provider to a terraform file and maintain a state file. How To Install It: To be able to install Terrafy you’ll need to download the binary from the github repo.

Notifications on Certificate Expiration Dates Using Azure Key Vault

Richard Lewis
Back in July fellow Azure blogger Billy York wrote a blog post about Monitoring SSL certificates with Azure monitor utilizing a standard test within App Insights, it’s really cool that Azure finally added this ability. I want to talk about an alternative less known method using Azure Key Vault certificate contacts and lifetime contacts. What is Azure Key Vault? For those who are unfamiliar with The Azure service Azure Key Vault the fastest way to sum it up is that its a cloud service on Azure used for storing sensitive application information like tokens, passwords, API keys as well as TLS and SSL certificates used by resources on Azure or accessing Azure resources.