Spring Consolidation

image Ahh it’s the most wonderful time of the year, the sun is shining the grass is growing nice and green. It couldn’t be more picture perfect. I’m just relaxing at home outside with a miller lite and my laptop. I figure today was a great day to spend a little time cleaning up my network. My home is scanning for duplicate filesimage across my network and when it’s done it will be time to dump some of those too. I figure now is a good time while I wait why don’t I import some more postings from back in the day when I use to have a livejournal account. Today I’m introducing just about 200 new posting from 2005 and 2006 and few from early 2008 that were posted to my old livejournal blog “The Wondering Mind Of GoGoRichie” I hope you enjoy them there quiet funny especial the ones written after coming home from the bar such as “How to block the mother hen attack” I know it’s one Jessica’s favorites.