Meme 15 Why Did I Start Blogging

This month’s Meme15 assignment and the first was chosen by Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter) he posed the assignment of writing about why do I blog and why I started.

I started blogging back in 2003 just about a one year after launching, back then it was the social network of its time along with AIM and YIM. As me and my high school friends went off to college we stayed in contact via our blogs. You know this topic made me go back to the very beginning and read my very first blog posting. It brought up memories of living in LA and the good times I had out there. Wait most of those post were written after coming home from a night out so a lot of the postings were run but all fun.

These days I still blog for many different reasons. I put together for my top reasons why and here’s what I came up with.

  1. Documenting key moments in my life still. 2010 In Review
  2. Sharing a solution to a problem that I’ve come across while programming. USING DATEDIFF TO CONTROL CONTENT
  3. Share my opinion on a product or tool. THE DAY AFTER THE 120 DAYS ARE UP
  4. Share my thoughts with the world and advice. HOW TO SPEND 10 DOLLARS

After all these years of blogging i still have fun and love sharing stuff on my blog.