Serving As 2013 State Vice President

On September 8th my campaign to serve the Illinois Jaycees members as their 2013 Membership Development Vice President came to end with me being elected. It’s true competing for the time of our members has gotten tougher each year our chapter, region, and state boards have gotten stretched too thin, burned out quickly, not adequately trained and weaker. As a result our members have suffered. Next year I want to focus on shaping the future of our organization. First increase involvement in the passports to leaders program to develop our future leaders at the chapter level, Offer new membership development opportunities across the state to grow our chapters, Strengthen our weaker chapters through education of tools, resources, new tactics on how to resolve their local problems. Develop and lead an extension task force to assist chapters and regions in their completion more than half the extension completed each failed by the end of the second year, what if we could reduce that by 2 or 3 chapters. Bring new networking opportunities to our members to further add value to their membership. In 2013 I’m bringing the right resources needed to recruit, retain, and develop our fellow Jaycees !!!!