A New Journey

August 20th was my last day at Sears Holdings. I once heard somewhere the average person my age spends three years at a job before leaving and move on. Well I sent 12 years there of course I held four different roles there during that time. I decided to leave Sears Holdings because the opportunity presented to me to join Coyote Logistics and learn & develop new systems was too great to pass up. Of course I’m still writing SSIS packages, Using SQL day in and day out but I’m automating things and developing new processes on a whole new level using the greatest and latest tools on the market. Who is Coyote Logistics and what they do? Well Coyote Logistic is a 3rd party logistics service provider based out of Chicago they specialize in moving customer shipments in the most efficient manner for their customers, their drivers, and the environment. So with lots of cargo moving around the world all the time, there is a lot of data for me to work with, simplify, and share with my coworkers and our customers.