WHS Just Chugging Along

It’s true when they say no news is good news, my Windows Home Server has been just chugging along currently were approaching 180 days without rebooting, which is quite impressive to even to me. Actually now that think about it I made a major change to my setup back in March. I purchased a Dell PowerEdge 700 for 25 dollars on eBay which a real server instead of an old desktop I had lying around. This was a major performance increase and adds additional room to the cabinet for more hard drives, I think like another 2 or 4 which I’m thinking of throwing all my old drives into the pool to just max out the space. Also I’m not sure what to do with the tape drive currently installed.

Below are the server specs I’m currently running on my most revision to the configuration:

  • 3.2 GHZ Pentium IV
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 x 500GB SATA
  • External 250GB Backups
  • OS: Windows Home Server