What’s Our Impact So Far

image As i write this i reflect back on January when State VP Geno asked me what was my Goal for Nothing But Nets? I pondered for a second and said I want to double what we made in 2010 and I wrote down $3000 dollars and then i started to wonder could we really do it? Well I’m excited to say that in just 5 months we’ve crossed the $3,000 dollar mark and were still going. That’s huge in my book Illinois Jaycees put their brains together and thought of ways they could help some chapters ran Bar Olympics for the cause while other chapters ran change collection drives. If you haven’t done so visit our donation website and make a contribution to help save a life http://www.globalproblems-globalsolutions.org/site/TR/Events/NBN?pg=team&fr_id=1040&team_id=4161.