Outstanding Young Farmers

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Since 1954 Outstanding Young Farmers has been a signature program of the US Jaycees and believe it or not we’ve got very little to do with. now i know that’s hard to believe that the largest Jaycee state and is covered by 80% of farm land hasn’t Produce an Outstanding Young Farmer since 2008. Well that changes this year, because our states goal is to submit 5 outstanding candidates for this award. The requirements for submission of this award is simple they must be in Jaycee age range, they must be actual farm operators, deriving a minimum of two-thirds of their income from farming, and All information on the nomination form must be completed. The cost of nominating someone to your chapter is free because it is sponsored by John Deere and as a bonus for submitting you can earn POC points for your chapter. So there’s no reason why our chapters in farming communities can’t submit at least one nominee.

This is one of those programs that can bring some great positive attention to your chapter if you nominate a farmer. You could send out a press release announcing your chapter is seeking nominees or send out a press release announcing a nominee on be half of your chapter. For additional information on this program or to download the submission form visit the OYF US Jaycees website http://www.usjaycees.org/index.php/outstanding-young-farmer after completing the form email it to OYF@iljaycees.org and we will pass them all to the The Outstanding Farmers of America (OFA) Fraternity who will do the final judging. The deadline for submitting to the state is July 23rd.