Things to make my life easier

I thought it was time to put together a little list of my favorite computer things i use to make my life easier. No big deal just the things i use everyday no matter if I’m at work or at home. I find myself using these products all the time.

Hope you enjoy my list and post comments and share your thoughts

1) Evernote – I first found the app for my the iPad before i knew about the website. But it’s be came one of my favorites and there’s a desktop version and one for my blackberry too.

2) Grooveshark – This is one awesome little music service no need to download the music or playlist you can stream it from anywhere. They even have a app for blackberry’s too.

3) Click for more screenshotsiPad – Web browsing, video, music, and wide range of other things all in the palm of your hand.

  1. Flipboard – It’s like a magazine with my twitter and facebook feeds.
  2. Keynote – I can make amazing presentations on it very quickly and wow the hell out of people.
  3. RDP Lite – in case i get inspired to do some real work from it and it’s free.

**4)** Toggl – I love this program it helps me manage my Jaycees development task and hours.

5) Lifehacker – All around good reading and excellent tips

6) Google Doc’s – It’s like Microsoft Office but free and online.

7) Windows Home Server – Every need a file on your home pc while on the road? well this little thing can serve you up the files from anywhere anytime.

8 ) Google Chrome – it’s not just a another browser it’s one of the fastest ones out there and i like how fast it loads pages on my laptop and desktop.