Meme Monday: What SQLFamily Means To Me

I saw this topic a few weeks back on @sqlrockstar’s site but never got around to writing a post.

I’ve been in working on databases for about 6 years now a mixture of Access, SQL, Teradata, and MySQL. So when I saw the topic thoughts began to flow through my brain. What does the SQL Family mean to me?? it means that there is a network of people with the same interest, challenged by the same problems as me. Now with my discovery of twitter, hence the hashtag I’ve been able to discovered the family and discovered local events such as the user groups in Chicago and SQL Saturday’s events and many others including a yearly cruise. Now when i need help with programming question I can turn to the #sqlfamily, the people are so cool that when its someone’s birthday or other special occasion they get acknowledged by the #sqlfamily or even a sad event the family member off words of comfort.