Why Limit Yourself

We join the Jaycees so that we can grow as individuals, expand ourselves personally, and to help humanity. Part of growing ourselves is taking advantage of all the opportunities that we’re presented with in life. Your membership to our great organization allows you many opportunities to do things that you can only dreamed of. You can drive positive change in your community and around the world. You can help build a park for neighborhood kids, you help fight diseases around the world, and you can meet world leaders and discuss your thoughts on global issues. Since joining the Jaycees in 2004 I’ve had the opportunity to meet people all around the world who are members of this great organization, I’ve had the opportunity see people make these positive changes in their community. I’ve had the opportunity to save hundreds of lives. You can develop your leadership skills further beyond what any collegiate course could offer. I think about how I’ve been given this opportunity to help lead and plot the course of one the largest Jaycee organizations in the world in 2013. The Jaycees give you the tools, the training, and the knowledge to dream and achieve. But you must not limit yourself you can accomplish anything you want. Let me ask you two questions, what do you want to accomplish? & how can we do it together?

Richard Lewis, 2013 Illinois Jaycees Vice President