My Top Ten WordPress Plugins

Hey so I thought it was time to put out another top ten list and what better topic then WordPress !!!!

  1. Akismet The best dam comment spam filter out there.
  2. Simple Social – Sharing Widgets & Icons This is a great little plug in it allows you simple integration with basically any social network out there.
  3. kPicasa Gallery I found this plugin last month it makes it easy to integration a Picasa album into your website quickly
  4. Advanced Category Excluder OMG this is one of my favorite it allows you filter out post from your homepage or archives by category or tag.
  5. Redirection Yeah so I sent out some links a while back and then changed the post locations this little plugin allows for you redirect those posts to their new homes.
  6. Google Analytics for WordPress This is a great little plugin that allows for better integration with Google Analytics
  7. Twitter Tools This a massive plug-in that bring a couple key integration features
  8. XBOX Live Gamertag This plugin is just a widget that displays my xbox 360 gamercard on my website.
  9. Most Popular Posts Just a simple little widget that displays my most popular on the sidebar
  10. Social Profilr This plugin is just a widget that displays icon links to all my social network profiles on my website.

So there you go my top ten plugins for WordPress hopefully you find this post useful. If you’ve got some favorites I’d love to read about them so just leave me a comment.