Virtual Meetings For Free


You every want to plan a project or host a committee meeting virtually but don’t have a conference call imagenumber of your own or know where to start? Well your in luck thanks to a little company called Dimdim you can now host online meetings, trainings, and brainstorming sessions from the comfort of your own home for free. Dimdim is a software company that provides a web-based platform for real-time, rich-media collaboration and meetings. Dimdim provides free web conferencing service where users can share desktops, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam. Dimdim was recognized in 2009 as a up and coming startup and received many awards over the years. Dimdim is free for meetings under 20 people and only 25 dollars month for meetings larger then 20 but with that extra cost you get tons of premium features such ask online meeting logging meeting attends automatically and recording of the meeting and online signups of the meetings. Which comes in handy for tracking who attended your training and allowing for people to sign up for it up for them online. Dimdim is a awesome product i found out about from Kevin Rose and it comes in handy so often. if you have questions about it let me know and i would love to tell you more about it.