Meme Monday 4-4-11

Richard Lewis
First off shout out to Thomas Larock for coming up with this idea. Today’s meme is “Write a SQL blog post in 11 words or less”, and here is my entry: Write query. Syntax error. Search Google. run query again. Happy dance!!!! Some more shout outs to my favorite readings from last month: * Pinal Dave (Blog | @pinaldave) * Brent Ozar (Blog | @BrentO) * Thomas Larock (Blog | @sqlrockstar) * BIDN (Blog | @bidn)

T-SQL Tuesday 13: Interacting With The Business

Richard Lewis
I come from a different world in my company, I’m not IT though I have formal training, I speak the lingo, and wear the uniform of Jeans, t-shirt, glasses and ton’s of geekieness in my swagger. I’m what they call Business Intelligence or better known as Shadow IT. Though i’m up front about what we do and the impact it has. In my company I’m the middle person between what the business thinks it wants and what it really needs long term.

SQL Saturday 31 Wrapup

Richard Lewis
Earlier this month i attended my first SQL meetup called SQL Saturday #31 i’m not sure why it’s numbered 31 cause i realized they don’t go in order. But yeah so it was hosted in Elk Grove so it wasn’t to far away. I knew it was going to be a awesome day when i met this guy in the registration line who reads my site and learned a couple SQL tricks from it.