My Fav 5 Windows Home Server Add-ins

Richard Lewis
The other day I was talking with a friend about my Windows Home Server configuration and thought I would post a little something about what addins I’m running or as the the title said my Fav 5. I like to keep my WHS running light and simple so the addins I like to use take advantage of features already built into windows 2003 and don’t put any extra strain on the server.

The day after the 120 days are up

Richard Lewis
First let me start by saying Microsoft allows you to download any of there new operating systems for trial period usually 120 days but some are 90. My 120 day trial period for windows home server ended on September 15th. I waited all the way to 121st day to upgrade even though I knew by the 90th day I was planning on buying it. So when I finally got around to getting a licensed copy, which I actually ended up getting it for my birthday.

Changing the default My documents

Richard Lewis
I’m one of those weird people who use multiple computers each day to get work things done. When I’m in the office I use my desktop PC and then at home I use my work laptop, prior to last year accessing my work files on my Desktop from work was nearly impossible. An then everyone got their own personal network share about year. Since then I’ve been saving all my files to my share and accessing them their over our corp.