A New Journey

Richard Lewis
August 20th was my last day at Sears Holdings. I once heard somewhere the average person my age spends three years at a job before leaving and move on. Well I sent 12 years there of course I held four different roles there during that time. I decided to leave Sears Holdings because the opportunity presented to me to join Coyote Logistics and learn & develop new systems was too great to pass up.

Documenting Isn’t That Hard

Richard Lewis
Just like the title said it’s not that hard and it one of the most important things in software and process development is the the Documentation part. But it’s most often the most over looked do to time and no short term benefit. But long term after the developer has forgotten what they did back then the documentation they have written will still be there for the next developer to come along and revise, enhance, or just get a better understanding of what is taking place and how it done.

Changing the default My documents

Richard Lewis
I’m one of those weird people who use multiple computers each day to get work things done. When I’m in the office I use my desktop PC and then at home I use my work laptop, prior to last year accessing my work files on my Desktop from work was nearly impossible. An then everyone got their own personal network share about year. Since then I’ve been saving all my files to my share and accessing them their over our corp.