Monitor Your Salesforce Instance Via An Automated Email


One of the challenges I face within Salesforce is noticing performance issues before my users do. It doesn’t happen to often but when it does my users notice. Like any other system Salesforce is only as weak as its weakest link. To help me stay ahead without constantly having to look at I’ve created a zap using Zapier to monitor the rss feed for my server and send me a email when an incident is reported though the rss feed. Check out my zap below.


T-SQL Tuesday #050: Automation, Get Work Done While Sleeping

It’s been a while since I’ve written a #tsql2sday post, but thought that this month’s topic was worthy of me hoping into the pool with the #sqlfamily. This month the subject is “Automation”. chosen by Hemanth D. (Blog | @SqlChow). If you want to read the opening post, please click the image above. I’m lover of software automation and been a fan since writing my first macro in Excel when I was in high school. I loved anything that makes it easier for you to get more done with less. Back in the 2000′s I got introduced to SQL 2000 and DTS and it changed my world. My first package I created was awesome and so exciting it took data from database and put it into another one and then truncated the table, once I scheduled it to run I was able to not worry about handling that task anymore and sleep peacefully. Since then I’ve found my passion and made a living improving businesses through process improvement using automation.

My Favorite Salesforce Blogs

I love to learn and talk SQL all day everyday which gave me the inspiration for my blog post about my favorite SSIS Reference Points and my Favorite Business Intelligence Blogs in the past. So without further adieu I present to my list of what I blogs I commonly read in the Salesforce area and of course there in no particular order. I’ve built on the platform and written functions around it off and on over the last 4 years. So when I want to learn a little something something I check out these cool blogs they’re cross products and industries and all wholesome goodness.

  9. they write one hefty and fun filled blog.


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