Code Nation: The Future Of Tomorrow

Richard Lewis
Part my role at Coyote involves me work with community orginzations. In early 2019 Coyote’s Software Development group became involved with Code Nation, an 501c3 organization based out of New York, which is focused on equipping students, in under-resourced high schools, with the skills, experiences, and connections that give them access to careers in technology. Code Nation’s approach is using a volunteer teaching corp of hundreds of professional web and software developers, that provide tuition-free coding courses and work-based learning programs to students of these under-resourced schools.

DreamForce 2013 Wrapup

Richard Lewis
This year I made the trip to San Francisco for Salesforce’s annual DreamForce a five day conference that trumps all other conference. Every aspect of the event was amazing and WOW 120,000 attendees. The leadership speaker series, the trainings, the networking opportunities, and the parties were all great. My highlights and most memorable moments were getting to meet a couple of vendors that I only get to speak with on the phone including one who is located in France.