Training Opportunities

Over the years as a Jaycee, Richard has obtained extensive training from some of the most motivational and experienced facilitators available. Through this experience he has become a popular and energetic facilitator. You can feel comfortable inviting him to educate your team with a fun and energetic presentation that leaves the audience with a value based training. Richard has available for just about any type of Jaycees training below is a menu of the trainings he specializes but not limited to the following trainings.

The Chair – This seminar focuses on the way we treat each other. Most people treat strangers better than friends or family. Participants will learn how to get along with others and achieve greater success in life.

Networking, Be a Better Performer – Networking is one of the oldest activities of mankind; those who succeed at it are leaders and best performers. This workshop will deal with simple ways of increasing your network, to feed it and to get the fruits of it.

Attracting Professional Members – In this seminar, participants will define professionalism within the members of their local organization and learn new ways to attract these types of members.

Super Seven – This seminar is geared towards incoming chapter board members, to help you learn the skills needed to effectively manage your chapter.

Unknown at Home – This seminar is geared towards helping you learn more about marketing your chapter and presenting a positive image in the community.

Online Branding & Crowd Sourcing – This is a two part seminar which covers how to take ownership of your chapter online presents and dominate the social networks and websites from one point and use them to your advantage. Plus you’ll learn how to find new community projects, member prospectives, potential donors/ sponsors and much more through crowd sourcing.

Chapter Websites made easy & What visitors are thinking – This is a two part seminar is focused on the members interested putting their chapter’s best face forward online with little knowledge.  Attendees will learn how those large companies and organizations put such great websites out there and send less then one hour a month keeping them up to date. We will dive in analytics and how to tailor your websites toward your audience. This is a session that can help you learn inside knowledge about your site visitors and how to improve their experience.

How to recruit through social networks – It’s no secret that social networks are where the prospectives are. In this 30 minute session I’ll teach you how to find a prospective engage them and, recruit them all from your keyboard. Using your Jaycees knowledge and skills bring them to you instead of you going to look for them.

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