Meme Monday: All I Want For Christmas

Thomas LaRock (blog|Twitter) came up with another fun topic to write about this month. What I want from Microsoft for Christmas I can’t wait to see what all my #sqlfamily peeps write about.

Well this is an interesting topic cause I’m not a devoted fan of Microsoft products. I do have my favorites Xbox 360, Windows Home Server at home and SQL 2000,2005,2008 and Express at work. I can do without office products, and the OS’s and oh yes I said Express, it’s my secret little favorite local database tool. At work getting stuff done with Access only would kill me so I cache what I need locally using SQL Express, design tables there and do a lot of data cleansing using and I mean a lot of freaking cleansing. But yeah all want I want for christmas from Santa Ballmer and Microsoft is a great reason to upgrade all my home computers to Windows 8. That’s simple enough right ????? maybe Santa will bring that oh and Roku box for my wife.