Windows Home Server

WHS Just Chugging Along

  It’s true when they say no news is good news, my Windows Home Server has been just chugging along currently were approaching 180 days without rebooting, which is quite impressive to even to me. Actually now that think about it I made a major change to my setup back in March. I purchased a […]

Meme Monday: All I Want For Christmas

Thomas LaRock (blog|Twitter) came up with another fun topic to write about this month. What I want from Microsoft for Christmas I can’t wait to see what all my #sqlfamily peeps write about. Well this is an interesting topic cause I’m not a devoted fan of Microsoft products. I do have my favorites Xbox 360, […]

Things to make my life easier

I thought it was time to put together a little list of my favorite computer things i use to make my life easier.  No big deal just the things i use everyday no matter if I’m at work or at home. I find myself using these products all the time. Hope you enjoy my list […]