Intro To Kapow Katalyst

This will be the first posting of a new category on my blog regard Kapow Software. Before I begin to discuss my usage experiences and technical information regarding Kapow Katalyst, I figure it would be good to give a little background about it. Kapow Katalyst is what known as a Web Data Aggregation Tool; these […]

WHS Just Chugging Along

  It’s true when they say no news is good news, my Windows Home Server has been just chugging along currently were approaching 180 days without rebooting, which is quite impressive to even to me. Actually now that think about it I made a major change to my setup back in March. I purchased a […]

Querying The Most Recent Records

Here’s another fun solution for you business intelligence people out there. Suppose you wanted to pull data that was updated in the last 15mins based on when a row was last. I’m sure there are many ways to accomplish this but I like to use the DATEADD() function in Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Below is […]