The Jaycees / JCI category of my website is filled with lots of information related to Jaycees or JCI and my fun adventures over the years as a member.

Why Limit Yourself

  We join the Jaycees so that we can grow as individuals, expand ourselves personally, and to help humanity.  Part of growing ourselves is taking advantage of all the opportunities that we’re presented with in life.  Your membership to our great organization allows you many opportunities to do things that you can only dreamed of. […]

The Four Component Approach

  The Jaycees as you all know by now is more than just a community service organization. Since the founding in 1915 it has held true to its primary purpose of building young leaders to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. In 2013 I will be servicing you as your State Membership Development vice President; the […]

My Passion

When I interviewed with Coyote a discussion came up of passion and I said my passion at work was turning data into insight for my coworkers. During my presentation about myself to our Executive team and my coworkers I realized what my true passion is… it’s to help people. Every job I’ve had involved helping people and at Coyote […]