Born in Chicago Illinois, USA, Richard Lewis works as a Technical Analyst for a logistics company in the city of Chicago. He resides just outside the city, with his wife Ann, and their dog Sox. Outside of work Richard volunteers for an organization called the Junior Chamber International or JCI for short. They’re a leadership development through community involvement organization with over 200,000 members worldwide.

Richard joined the Mount Prospect Jaycees of the state of Illinois in 2003. He became Local President in 2004, North Region Director in 2009, State President in 2016, and first served JCI USA in 2011 as Website Program Manager and in 2017 as the Shoot for 50 and beyond Program Manager. He is a frequent speaker at Jaycee conferences around the country where he shares his many years of Jaycees and technical knowledge. Richard is successful at driving growth and achieving new efficiency in the Jaycees. Recognized by both local, state and the national Jaycees organization as a leader for his techniques of leveraging a unique combination of expertise in technology, training and management to execute major projects. Over the years as a Jaycee, Richard has obtained extensive training from some of the most motivational and experienced facilitator’s available. Through this experience he has become one of the most popular and energetic facilitator in state.

Richard has been awarded with the Sons Of The American Revolution Award by the National Society Sons of the American Revolution and a Toys For Tots Commendation Award from the Commandant Of The United States Marine Corp As well as JCI USA Seiji Horiuchi Memorial Award for top Program Managers and the M. Keith Upson Memorial Award for top District Directors by JCI USA. In 2016 He was honored as JCI Senator No. 75849 by the Mount Prospect Jaycees for dedication to the Junior Chamber organization.